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Develop Colab Notebooks with Visual Studio Code

For those who work frequently with Jupyter notebooks, Google Colab is a fantastic tool that allows developers to create, edit, and share their Python code through a web-based interface. However, sometimes we may prefer to use our own local development environment like Visual Studio Code (VS Code), especially if it means we get access to many of its helpful features. This guide will walk you through the process of developing your Google Colab notebooks with VS Code.

The key to this process is using a GitHub repository as a bridge to connect your local development environment (VS Code) with Google Colab.


pydantic to wrap cython functions to validate function arguments to avoid crashing c extension.

Blackbox Test Failures

Stories of blackbox test failure.

Wrong build with dev branch

A build was released to production which is based on an active dev branch (v2.6+dev) instead of the release branch (v2.6) by mistake.

The dev branch was ahead of the expected release branch for a new feature development.

All blackbox tests passed the build as the new feature development luckily did not break any existing features, and there was no impact on production.

It was not noticed until it caused upgrade failure to the next version 2.8.